Youthsetter (formerly known as DoGood) is a public service initiative that has been created by a team of peace loving individuals to promote and inspire positive and constructive universal values that will help make the world we live in today a better place for all.

Our Objective

Our Objective

To engage youths in shaping our future leadership

Our Vision

Our Vision

Youths are to be encouraged and empowered through social media to view the world in fresh and holistic perspectives

Our Mission

Our Mission

Preparing youths with critical information and awareness and to nurture their leadership skills for a better society.

Areas of Concern

Areas of Concern

Economic, political and social problems, together with social-media, moral, hate speech, and environmental issues.

We want to change youth

Young people respond to help cope with the Covid-19 pandemic

No matter where we are in the world and which age we are in now, some of us are more adversely impacted than others due to individual, community or geographical circumstances. To manage such adverse impacts together, we need young people’s leadership now more than ever

Human Overpopulation: Too many people?

To be sure, a sevenfold increase of the world population over two centuries has stressed the planet to its breaking point. But the problem is not strictly the number of people per se. It is how people are behaving. It is a question of their lifestyles.

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