Are the youth generation aware of their surroundings? Prepares youth for working on community change in equal partnerships with adults

Understand the big picture

To understand the impact of the economy. To Lead others through mistakes and allow youth to learn and grow.

Planning for change

To raise up the next generations to take on the opportunities and challenges in front of them.

Utilising the tools

To take action and responsibility to make a better choice

Where are you at

Human Overpopulation: Too many people?

To be sure, a sevenfold increase of the world population over two centuries has stressed the planet to its breaking point. But the problem is not strictly the number of people per se. It is how people are behaving. It is a question of their lifestyles.

Hunger management : Don’t waste food

Some people live in the luxury of choosing what to eat and what not. Some are so desperate to have a bite of food to survive the day. This is unacceptable!