Let’s Save the Elephants from Extinction

Let’s Save the Elephants from Extinction

The Bornean pygmy elephants are fully protected species under Schedule 1 of the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997 and those involved in threatening their existence could be prosecuted, said The Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry (MalaysiaKini)

We wish that more trained rangers are recruited to help protect Sabah’s endangered wildlife from being the target of poachers. We, young people of the world, believe that it is extremely important that people become aware of current issues affecting wildlife so that we can play our part in protecting this natural heritage.

Carollina Ramle

Carollina Ramle hails from Sabah, Malaysia and is shy to strangers but friendly and cheerful to those who knows her. A business administration graduate majoring in technology management, she likes to surround herself with positive-minded people, and believes that good universal values exist in all religions. She’s a strong believer in peaceful human coexistence, despite differing beliefs.

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